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Kathy Hassan of Denim Therapy

By jchalker2005 · December 8, 2008 · 0 Comments ·


"The Denim Therapy team understands that the perfect pair of jeans is hard to find, and once found, hard to let go, which is why we decided to provide your jeans with the most attentive therapy." – Denim Therapy




     In every company there is always room for improvement and Denim Therapy, Kathy and the rest of the writers agree. Some of the changes Kathy mentions are creating eye-catching images making the blog more appealing to viewers, simplifying the blogging platform and for her own personal improvement she would like to be more knowledgeable with advanced programming in order to give her more options in altering the blogs format.


     With a website dedicated to just about anything these days it is no surprise that Denim Therapy a growing audience, and with the new blog thanks to Kathy and the other writers they can now directly reach the denim public.



     With an obvious passion for the fashion industry Kathy shares with us some of her favorite designers and inspirations. "Right now, my favorite denim designers are Serfonitaine, Paige Premium and Siwy. Serfontaine has an awesome fit, especially with their X-fit technology. It works well for many body types, and it has awesome stretch recovery. I like Paige because they make my butt look fluffier, and Siwy jeans have ingenious construction…." –Kathy Hassan


     Not a surprise to readers that similar to Kathy most of Denim Therapy’s readers too have favorite designers and all have unique reasons why. While Kathy and the other writers gear their posts towards women they are hoping to engage men as well. The goal is to attract a wide variety of readers who love and care for their jeans and as a result will read the blog and turn to Denim Therapy for their repair.


     Launched in May of 2008 Denim Therapy created their very own blog that gives consumers an insider look at what the current trends are in the denim market. Included in several writers that were hired to update the blog was Kathy Hassan. Along with the two other writers Kathy tries to post as much relevant information as possible Monday through Friday. While no guest speakers have yet to post it is something that both the writers and Denim Therapy are eager to start.


     Often Denim Therapy bloggers have shown a consistent interest in denim restoration, alteration, creation and new trends but what Kathy reports tells us that bloggers respond mostly to blogs that content involves taking a runway denim look and recreating it for less. "I think people like to look at nice runway or independent-style pictures to get the insider scoop on things" – Kathy Hassan.

Welcome to My Life: Annie Wilson

By SweetlyChic · November 28, 2008 · 0 Comments ·


Welcome to the life of Annie Wilson, a fourth generation native of San Francisco and the writer behind the lifestyle inspired blog, Poetic & Chic.  I caught up with Annie to see what inspires her blogging, how much time she invests and just how important good PR is.

Favorite Designers  I always love Diane von
, BCBG, DKNY, Theory, And Vince, among
others.  I shop a lot at Marc by Marc Jacobs too. 
Shopping VS. Buying  Unfortunately, there is a difference
between shopping and buying.  Like many, I can’t afford to buy
a lot of designer pieces, but every once in a while I can make it
happen! One of my favorite pieces is a Louis Vuitton trench coat
from Spring 2004-It’s light but warm, very stylish but also basic.
It also travels really well and rolls up into a compact space.

Trends & Politics Politics has a lot to do with
trends.  Now that we’ve elected Obama, there is
a feeling of optimism while we all know there is
a lot of work to do. This is why I think the work
notion will lend itself to design.  In the coming
seasons, I think the optimism side will get more
influential, showing happier palettes, ease of
wear, and  relaxation.  In another 6-8 years, the luxury
will return.

Blogging  I blog for fun.  I work full-time
in retail operations for Williams-Sonoma Inc.
Blogging has created an entirely new media
format in culture.  I think that prior to
blogging, the mainstream media(magazines,
TV, music, stylists, etc) told us all how to
perceive style, told us what was good and
what was bad, with barely any acknowledgment
of the “average” person.
Promoting  I promote in the simplest way-I read and comment on other blogs which drives
traffic back to me.  I also have a Facebook Blog Group and a Twitter account. Being a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers & Coutorture helps because they edit daily and weekly selections of posts that gets broadcast to all of their readers-sometimes my site is included on these.
PR Tips  1.  Research 2.  Target 3.  Be Professional. I get a lot of release from PR firms and most of them go right into my trash.  It’s very rare that I post concerning celebrities, trendy fashion, or beauty, but you’d be amazed how often I get pitched on these topics!  It shows that the PR practitioner did not research my site.  Also, many of the pitches I receive are totally unprofessional-usually casual language, inappropriate images, bad grammar and spelling.  A press release is meant to be public by its very nature!  It is a mystery to me why so many PR teams let bad press release out the door with so many loose ends.  Clean it up!

all about anna : exclusive interview w/ geekigirl

By dixiepop · November 26, 2008 · 0 Comments ·





            “I want - I got!” are the 4 small words that speak volumes in the blog site of Anita Clarke, also known as geekigirl in this so called place of the internet.  Anita originates and resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and is a very fascinating individual who is of black ethnicity yet her favorite food is sashimi.  I’m just saying this now, you don’t meet many black people who go for the raw foods… but Anita is definitely real.  What she wants – she gots!  Anita is definitely a woman of taste and culture just by looking at her list of must-have top reads which includes, “Snowcrash” by Neal Stephenson, “The Illiad and the Odyssey” by Homer, “1984” by George Orwell and “In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat” by John Gribbin.  One can tell just by glancing at her inventory of fashion fab designers that Anita is unique yet classy, bold and daring with a modern flair of savoir-faire.  Her collection of designers consists of Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl, and Jean Paul Gaultier.  Anita not only continues to collect top finds in the pop culture realm but she is also a collector of thoughts, things, and tributes which she posts 1-10 per day throughout the week in her blog.  And this is the main reason how Anita wanted something and got it.  Blogging started out as a record of things that she liked merely for herself and it naturally grew after that.  She wanted and got started on her blogging recreation in June of 2005 labeled, “I want – I got”.  She continues to entertain, educate, and enthuse her blog readers who are range between the ages 18-50.  But, when Anita blogs, she considers her readers but mainly blogs for herself which she claims is the main reason her blog has lasted this long. 

            Anita occasionally presents contests, prizes, games, and giveaways from the blog.  It is not something typical that Anita offers but she has.  Such contests include winning a pair of tickets to a special event by providing an answer only participants know.  For instance, in September 17, 2008, Anita posted about The Clothing Show at the Better Living Center, Exhibition Place, and attendees of the show were able to participate in a contest Anita’s blog was hosting where if someone could list at least one designer at the show, they win tickets to a future The Clothing Show.  Another interactive contest that Anita hosted was the very first “I want – I got” contest where it was limited to one entry per person in Ontario region and the winner won a Kiss my Face sun care pack.  The participants posted a picture and description of their hottest “I got” and the winner was chosen by Anita herself.  In addition to Anita’s interactions with her audience, she has an upcoming perfume give-away expected.

            Anita was chosen and recognized as one of the Milles Femme in Toronto.  She is recently featured in Now magazine where there is a section named I want – I got a “sweet online deal” in their annual Sweet Deal issue.  Currently, Anita’s blog hosts 592 subscribers where it receives and average page views/monthly of 65,000 and 44,000 visitors.  Staying aware from celebrity coverage which Anita refers to as the plague is what separates her from to other bloggers.  In my final question to Anita, I asked her what is her main reason for blogging and she responds that it’s the new relationships it can bring… actually, for moments just like this!           


I Love Blogging: A Behind-the-Scene Look Into the World of Blogging

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The world of blogging has exploded into the lives of anyone who has a keyboard at their fingertips. From politics to fashion, a person can post their opinion without the fear of getting rejected. For many, blogging has been a creative outlet to connect with others who share the same opinions.

A self proclaimed blog-o-holic, Melody is the creator of the blog Girls Guide to the Galaxy. Girls Guide to the Galaxy is just that, from music to movies, fashion to culture, and even food, anything a girl wants to know can be found here.
Since 2006, Melody has been enhancing her life with Girls Guide to the Galaxy. Between fifty to one hundred readers a day follow the evolution of Melody and her posts on www.girlsguidetothegalaxy.com. Blogging has given Melody the chance in looking into new and interesting things and researching them.
Currently, Melody, a St. Louis native, is a full- time writer and producer of a local entertainment web site, ToastedRav.com. There, Melody writes about events, culture, fashion, and just about anything local. During her free- time, she hangs out with her “Mister” aka husband and dog Sasha, and of course, catches up on her daily blogs. Melody’s top three blogs to stay up-to-date on trends, news, etc. are Boing Boing, Life in a Venti Cup, and FabSugar. “I am loving social entrepreneurship as far as cultural trends because it transcends fashion, art, politics, and it is really affecting all types of business from coffee houses to clothing. Designers and business people who are incorporating a world view into their products are amazing me right now. I am also noticing that guerilla art has really infiltrated clothing of all sorts and I am loving it. Another trend is the use of richer fabrics for clothing, which I have been waiting for.”

Girls Guide to the Galaxy is an online journal of things she loves. “I came up with the name because I even amazed myself when I started realizing how little I knew about things.” Eventhough the name would make you think otherwise, there are women and men of all demographics that read Melody’s blog. “I write for myself and I think that is the main thing people find attractive about blogs - there is little pretense... it's just you, talking in your own voice, about things you are interested in and sharing your opinions.”

Melody’s first blog was Girls Guide, but she started blogging for another blog for awhile to discuss news, politics, and social issues. “I eventually went back to Girls Guide because I felt like it gave me more freedom to talk about whatever I wanted.”

Melody’s inspiration for her blog has been her love for writing. “I learned about blogging I realized it gave me the ability to pursue my passion for writing while staying in complete control over the design and content. I am also a big fan of graphic design (if that even makes sense). I collect vintage graphic prints and ads, and having my own site gave me a chance to play with that too.”

Melody’s main goal to accomplich with Girls Guide to the Galaxy is to have fun. “As long as I can keep self-publishing I hope it will continue to give me a chance to engage other people who think and feel the same way as I do.”

Tidbits From Fashion/Beauty Blogger Sarah Conley.

By hollispink · November 26, 2008 · 0 Comments ·

Having a creative eye for fashion and putting that eye to use are something New York fashion blogger Sarah Conley does daily. Her site StyleITOnline.com was established in October of 2006 as an outlet for her to speak her fashion language while living in rural Arkansas. Sarah’s love for the beauty and fashion industry, apparel education and work with Coutorture Media make her a well rounded fashion entrepreneur. Sarah’s site  is an informative canvas of her favorite things, emerging trends and everything she considers to be a must for her readers. Currently residing in New York, Sarah balances her blog while also doing some social media marketing and blog consulting for those who are breaking in to the online world of blogging.

While exploring Sarah’s site I came across On The Plus Side, a documentary focusing on the life of a fuller figured woman in fashion. A personal connection was formed as I read Sarah’s story as a fuller figured woman and reviewed her video segments from New York Fashion Week. Inspiring and brave, this portion of the site is for anyone who ever felt uneasy about their appearance regardless of size. On The Plus Side is an uplifting niche that Sarah has established and is bound to take off with such sponsors as Lane Bryant, Nars, and Old Navy. Even I got excited for the future possibilities!

Promoting StyleIt is something that Sarah says she is “laid back” about. “With my platform, OnSugar, I have it set up to post the latest links to Facebook and Twitter. Other than that, I don’t really go crazy trying to get readers. I guess I’m pretty laid back about it." She does however check the traffic to her site religiously through three analytics reporting systems. As of November 16, 2008 there are 356 email subscribers and growing every day. When it comes to working with PR professionals Sarah says she is typically pitched. She also uses the site Who Reps What (a montage of PR contacts), and her friends in the blogging community let her know if when they see something she would be interested in for her site.

Currently Sarah is gearing up for the holidays and is focusing on the Holiday Gift Guide portion of her site. It’s an inside peek at what she enjoys and thinks others would like to find under the tree this holiday season. Be sure to check out StyleIt for a chance to win the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway, this month it’s a pink Schwinn Debutante bike! Other segments consist of Fashion Week Coverage, and On The Plus Size.

If you are thinking about starting a blog Sarah says, “Blogging isn’t hard, and there aren’t any rules for it. You just write when you want, what you want and how you want." Sarah delayed starting StyleIt for a couple months because she didn’t have a name for it and offered this piece of advice, “It’s important to buy the domain name and map it right away – technology is always changing and there is always a new platform, so it’s important to be flexible."

In this industry creativity is key so when I asked Sarah what she does for a boost of inspiration she said, “Get out of the house! Wander into Sephora; see a greasy hipster on the train – something always sparks my creativity." Sarah is enjoying the life of a blogger living in New York City saying, “Being a blogger in NYC is a lot different than being a blogger in Arkansas. Every day there are press previews, market appointments and events to attend. There is always something to go to and something to write about.”

Blog 101 with Palacinka Beauty Simone Dilinger

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Since 2005 Palacinka (PAL-A-CHINK-UH) Beauty Blog, has been helping beauty junkies all over the world take the guess work out of their new beauty product.
Inspired by a mix of international beauty, fashion publications, art, pop culture and what's happening in technology, it is now a favorite among beauty loving women and beauty industry professionals from all over the world.

Simone Dilinger is the Senior editor of Palacinka Beauty Blog, but in her free time Simone is a freelance writer.

In addition to Simone they have a team of beauty testers that work with them.  Their Editor-in-Chief covers a lot of the events and does the beauty profiles and interviews.  They also occasionally have special guest bloggers who are actual readers, as well as makeup artists.

She says she posts  “at least 2-3 times a day (in addition to twitter.com posts)

Several times a month Palacinka Beauty Blog holds reader givaways.  “We just did a giveaway in conjunction with our blog network, totalbeauty.com in which we gave away two gifts to support breast cancer awareness month. We also work with many big brands such as Phyto, Olay, L'Oreal, Clarins, Lancome and more,” says Dilinger

Palacinka  purchases their our own products, and other times receive them via a brand's PR team.  They also get  products via beauty and fashion events they attend.

In general, pitches to Palacinka has vastly improved over the last year. Many of the larger beauty brands have put in place blogger
departments which work with getting them to produce and send the right materials, images, links and products.

Palacinka has more than 350,000  readers  and has over 5,000 newsletter/rss subscribers. With
thousands of facebook (via Simone Dilinger)  and myspace (palacinkabeauty)fans.

With Palacinka’s sucess they have been featured in The Chicago Times, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, More magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Glamour magazine and more.

Dilinger  says “More brands need to really study a blog to get a sense of the type of products, brands, and events that are covered. ”

The Palacinka Beauty Blog team is so busy, it's best for PR reps to now either follow them via a RSS feed in their google or yahoo reader for example, or better yet via twitter.com/palacinkabeauty. 

They have set up their site to update both of these as soon as a new blog post goes up.  This way PR reps can always know right away what they have written about a product.

Dilinger is often so busy at events, writing and researching products that she doesn't read many blogs! But when she has time she suggests: luxist.com, style.com's beauty blog and bellasugar.com

Next time you need beauty guidence be sure to head straight to www.palacinka.com!

An Inside Look of a Fashion/Beauty Blogger - Jeanne from PeriodicStyle blogs for the geek/chic girl in all of us.

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Jeanne is 24 and lives in San Francisco. She enjoys exploring the city, eating good food, and knitting. A former video game tester who worked in a male-oriented industry, Jeanne felt the need to reclaim her feminine side in her adulthood. She writes for all those ladies who, like herself, are probably fresh out of college, a little geeky, apprehensive about the beauty and fashion industries, but need to know what products and clothes work for her, starting out on a new career, and are on a budget.


Jeanne blogs about beauty products, fashion, TV/movies/books, with a slightly geeky twist and charismatic flair. With the help of her two friends Kati and Karen, the three of them collaborated together to create the PeriodicStyle blogspot, which officially launched live in January of 2007.  

Before writing for Periodic Elements of Style, Jeanne had a LiveJournal since 2001 and had also been a knitblogger. When she's not blogging she is working full-time as an office manager for a dotcom in Silicon Valley. Writing the blog has opened a lot of opportunities for Jeanne and has also developed a lot of personal connections with the people she has either met in person or through email. This personal touch differentiates her blog from what you may read in a fashion magazine or editorial.

"When a friend is telling me about a cool new discovery that I should check out, it comes with that personal connection, versus someone whose entire job is to tell me (and everyone else) about a cool new thing that their advertiser is pushing them to write about." 

Blogs allow the writer to express who they are in their writing without having to push products on the public. This allows for more diversity in voices and aesthetics that's not all high-end products, but rather a blend of high-end, vintage, thrifty, and mass-market products. When PR professionals are working with bloggers, Jeanne advises them to "KNOW THE BLOGGER." She suggests PR professionals to read the about page where they talk about themselves and often what they write about. For example on Periodic Elements of Style contains an About Us page that also includes an Editorial Standards page to inform on what they do and do not write. Knowing the blogger also means know the name of the blogger if you're approaching them. Jeanne says, "Anything that says 'Dear Blogger' or 'Dear Site Owner' will pretty much go ignored."

Another tip Jeanne has for PR professionals is to not hound the blogger. Jeanne comments, "Bloggers post what they want to post, and they might end up posting about this PR agent who's driving them crazy..." Although she does believe that it is completely appropriate to check in if a blogger is going to post something about a product you sent them, but its irritating if the PR agent just sent an email blast to every blogger out there.

In conclusion, getting to know your blogger is important in developing that personal connection. Jeanne says that she can tell if she was just sent an email that was cut-and-pasted. It is best to sound like a real person behind your email and to take the opportunity in getting to know Jeanne if you want her support. She supports people she likes, not just brands she likes, so if she likes you and your brand, Jeanne will be more supportive.

FM4220 Public Relations and Promotions

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Welcome to the student blog run by fashion marketing students from the Art Institute San Diego! Look forward to posts about PR, fashion blogging, fashion trends and more!